How to: Install the UI Update


Updated: October 17, 2013

Applies To: Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Installing a UI update for the Hosted Email Infrastructure SDK is identical to any other UI update you may perform on Windows Server Essentials SDK: you create an .addin file that contains the name, base directory, and type of your assembly. You then place the .addin file and assembly in the appropriate directories. The main difference will be which .addin directories you use, as they target the specific built-in email UI’s that can be modified using the new adorners.

To install an adorner UI update

  1. Create the addin file, as described in How to: Install a Top-Level Tab.

  2. Ensure that the Visual Studio solution for your UI update successfully builds, and that the project has a unique name from other add-ins.

  3. Copy the *.addin file to the %ProgramFiles%\Windows Server\Bin\Addins directory, in the following subdirectories:

    Adorner typeLocation
    Add User Wizard adornersUsers\AddUserWizard\*.addin
    User Properties Dialog adornersUsers\UserPropertyDialog\*.addin
    Remove User Wizard adornersUsers\RemoveUserWizard\*.addin
    Enable User Dialog adornersUsers\EnableUserDialog\*.addin
    Disable User Dialog adornersUsers\DisableUserDialog\*.addin
    Reset Password Dialog adornersUsers\ResetPasswordDialog\*.addin
  4. Copy the binary files that are associated with the add-in to the folder that is specified by the basedir attribute in the .addin file.

    The recommended location is %ProgramFiles%\Windows Server\Bin\.

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