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utility::conversions Namespace

Caution note Caution

This topic contains information for the C++ REST SDK 1.0 (codename "Casablanca"). If you are using a later version from the Codeplex Casablanca web page, then use the local documentation at http://casablanca.codeplex.com/documentation.

namespace conversions;



to_basic_string Structure

Given char type T, convert a string or a wstring to a basic_string<T>.



default_code_page_to_utf16 Function

Converts a string with the OS's default code page to a UTF-16 string.

from_base64 Function

Decode the given base64 string to a byte array

from_base64_str Function

Decode the given base64 string to a byte array

latin1_to_utf16 Function

Converts a Latin1 (iso-8859-1) string to a UTF-16 string.

print_string Function

scan_string Function

to_base64 Function

Overloaded. Encode the given byte array into a base64 string

to_string_t Function

Overloaded. Decode to string_t from either a utf-16 or utf-8 string

to_utf16string Function

Overloaded. Decode to utf16 from either a narrow or wide string

to_utf8string Function

Overloaded. Decode to UTF-8 from either a narrow or wide string.

usascii_to_utf16 Function

Converts a ASCII (us-ascii) string to a UTF-16 string.

utf16_to_utf8 Function

Converts a UTF-16 string to a UTF-8 string

utf8_to_utf16 Function

Converts a UTF-8 string to a UTF-16

Header: asyncrt_utils.h

Namespace: utility

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