Drivers (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the modules included in the Drivers category of the Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8) module catalog.

This section describes drivers to support various hardware devices on your Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8) device.

The following best practices will help you choose the correct drivers for your devices:

  • Install Windows 8 on your target device because it includes all standard drivers. This will ensure that your device has all of the standard drivers.
  • Make sure to attach external devices to your device, such as a USB mouse, a barcode scanner, or a camera connected via Firewire. This will ensure that buses and devices are correctly enumerated and discovered.
  • Use the Target Analyzer Probe (TAP), a standalone software program that is in your Windows Embedded 8 Standard Toolkit. When you copy and run it on a target device, it creates a .pmq file that has list of most (if not all) of the drivers on the system. You can then import this .pmq file into Image Configuration Editor (ICE) or Image Builder Wizard (IBW). For more information about TAP, see Target Analyzer Probe (TAP) Technical Reference.
  • Download the installers for any special hardware you have that may require additional drivers. This could be from the device creator’s website, media that’s shipped with the device, or from Windows Update. You can then use Module Designer (MOD) to add these drivers to a custom module and easily include them when you deploy your final image.