Networking-MPSSVC-Svc (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the settings, dependencies and any notes for the Networking-MPSSVC section of the Embedded Core module in the Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8) module catalog.

Review the modules included in the Networking-MPSSVC-Svc group of the Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8) module catalog.

These settings are part of Windows Firewall, which protects computers by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access through the Internet or a network. With these settings, you can specify whether to enable or disable the Windows Firewall for domain, standard, and public profiles.

You can also enable or disable firewall notifications, specify information about the log, and disable Windows Firewall File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Windows Firewall Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connection inspection engines with these settings.

To actually enable Windows Firewall, you must also include Firewall UI in your image.


You can use the Action setting attribute to specify the action to take when you use the configuration file to create or modify an image. The following table shows the possible values.




Adds the item or items to an image.


Modifies the value or the item as specified in Key or Value in an image.


Removes the item or items in an image.

You use the Key attribute to identify each unique Windows Firewall group. For example, you can specify three different firewall groups using the Key attribute of RemoteDesktop, WindowsMediaPlayer, and HomeGroup. The following XML example shows how to identify a firewall group:

<FirewallGroup wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="WindowsMediaPlayer">  </FirewallGroup>

This attribute cannot be empty.