EnableVirtualSizeDisplay (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the applicable Feature modules and any examples for the EnableVirtualSizeDisplay setting in Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8).

This setting specifies whether the user interface displays the actual disk size or the virtual disk size that includes the size of the File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) overlay cache.

Set to true to display virtual disk size; set to false to display actual disk size.

Actual disk size includes total capacity, used space, and free space of the underlying disk. In virtual disk size display, free disk space is reported as the available space in the overlay cache.

The following table shows the modules that you can apply this setting to. In Image Configuration Editor (ICE), you can follow the corresponding path to set this setting for a module.



File Based Write Filter Management Tool

Features/Lockdown/Compatibility Write Filters/File Based Write Filter Management Tool/EnableVirtualSizeDisplay

File Based Write Filter

Features/Lockdown/Compatibility Write Filters/File Based Write Filter/EnableVirtualSizeDisplay

The following XML example shows how to display virtual disk size.