GUIDClassification (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the applicable Feature modules and any examples for the GUIDClassification setting in Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8).

This setting specifies a sensor category or type.

Set to Category to specify that the value of GUID is a category of sensors; otherwise, set to Type.

The following table shows the modules that you can apply this setting to. In Image Configuration Editor (ICE), you can follow the corresponding path to set this setting for a module.



Proximity, Sensor and Location

Features/Natural User Interface/Proximity, Sensor and Location/SensorPermissions/Sensor/GUIDClassification

The following XML example shows how to use GUID and GUIDClassification to enable speedometers, as described in Motion Category in Sensor Categories, Types, and Data Fields on MSDN.

    <Sensor wcm:action="add">