Publish to SharePoint

Applies to Silverlight SketchFlow projects

Once you have created a Blend for Visual Studio 2012 Silverlight SketchFlow project, you can publish your project to a Microsoft SharePoint document library. The SketchFlow project will be available to anyone who has permission to view content on the SharePoint site.

Reviewers can also share their feedback with other stakeholders by publishing their feedback to the SharePoint site.

Note Note

You must publish your project to a SharePoint document library. SketchFlow will create a folder structure within the document library for each revision of the SketchFlow project that is published to the site.

Important note Important

If you are publishing a SketchFlow project to a SharePoint document library, you must have Design privileges for the SharePoint site.

To publish your SketchFlow project to a SharePoint site

  1. After you have created your Blend Silverlight SketchFlow project, on the File menu, click Publish to SharePoint.

  2. In the Publish to SharePoint dialog box, in the Document library box, type the URL of your document library, or click Browse to locate the SharePoint document library that you want to publish to. In the Project folder box, type a name for your project folder.

    Publish to SharePoint dialog box
  3. Click OK.

Note Note

You may be asked to enter your user name and password.

You can now run your prototype directly from the SharePoint document library. You can also leave feedback in the SketchFlow Player, publish the feedback to the SharePoint site, and then have reviewers view the feedback in the SketchFlow Player.

For more information about publishing feedback to a SharePoint site, see Publish feedback for a prototype to a SharePoint site.

Note Note

When you publish a prototype to a SharePoint site or package a prototype for distribution, a prototype revision number is automatically incremented and appended to the file name. The next time that you publish the prototype to the SharePoint site, a new version with an updated version number will be added to the SharePoint site.

For example, the first time that you publish your prototype to a SharePoint site, the folder name will be the name of the project with "_v1" appended to the folder name (for example, "SilverlightPrototype1_v1"). The next time that you publish, another folder will be added with "_v2" appended to the folder name (for example, "SilverlightPrototype1_v2").

You can display the revision number in the branding box by using the branding options in the SketchFlow Project Settings (available on the Project menu). For more information about branding the SketchFlow Player, see Branding the SketchFlow Player.

After you have published to a SharePoint site, you can change the destination site URL in the SketchFlow Project Settings dialog box.