This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

C++ REST SDK (Codename "Casablanca")

By using the C++ REST SDK (codename "Casablanca"), you can more easily write modern, asynchronous C++ code that connects with cloud-based services.

This section of the documentation provides reference documentation and examples to help you get started. For more detailed information about this project, see C++ REST SDK (codename "Casablanca").

The C++ REST SDK version 1.0 is included with Visual Studio. All updates are released as a project on CodePlex. The CodePlex project is updated independently of Visual Studio and might contain updates and features that are not included with Visual Studio. You can install the Visual Studio and Codeplex releases side-by-side on the same computer. Installing the CodePlex project overwrites previously installed releases of the CodePlex project. But it does not update this MSDN documentation. If you update from CodePlex, use the documentation from the CodePlex documentation tab.

How to: Connect to HTTP servers (C++ REST SDK)

Shows how to connect to HTTP servers from your C++ app.

How to: Work with JSON Data (C++ REST SDK)

Shows how to build JSON values and how to iterate through collections of JSON data.

How to: Work with Asynchronous Streams (C++ REST SDK)

Shows how to write to and read from asynchronous streams.

Reference (C++ REST SDK)

Contains reference information for the C++ REST SDK.