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For Bing Ads reference content, see the following sections.

Bing Ads Web Service AddressesThe web service addresses that can be referenced by your application to access Bing Ads accounts.
Version 10 API ReferenceThis section contains information about version 10 of the Ad Insight, Bulk, and Campaign Management services.
Version 9 API ReferenceThis section contains information about version 9 of the Customer Billing, Customer Management, and Reporting services.
Bing Ads API Error CodesThis section identifies error codes that the Bing Ads web services can return and groups them by service where applicable.
Common Market ValuesThis section contain lists of currency, language, time zone, and location strings that can be used for Bing Ads services.
Bing Ads .NET SDK ReferenceProvides reference documentation for the Bing Ads .NET Software Development Kit (SDK). Reference documentation for Java and Python SDKs are published in repositories outside of MSDN. For more information, see Bing Ads Client Libraries.

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