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Bing Ads Technical Guides

The technical guides below describe core advertising scenarios using Bing Ads services.




Bing Ads Services Protocol

Review requirements and best practices for using Bing Ads services efficiently.

Managing User Authentication with OAuth

Manage Bing Ads accounts linked to a Microsoft Account using OAuth access tokens.

Managing Customer Accounts

Review advertising business models, and manage your customer accounts and users.

Managing Campaigns and Ad Groups

Setup and manage core advertising entities including campaigns and ad groups.

Managing Ads and Keywords

Setup and manage text or mobile ads, and bid on keywords.

Managing Targets

Target your ads to display to users of a certain age group, display on certain days of the week, or display to users in a particular geographical area.

Downloading and Uploading Campaigns

Download and upload campaign data in bulk asynchronously in the background.

Optimizing Campaigns

Discover opportunities to improve your ads' performance.

Managing Editorial Review and Appeals

Learn about the editorial review process and how to determine whether ads or keywords passed or failed the review.

Managing Campaign Analytics Scripts


Managing Analytics With Universal Event Tracking (UET)

Universal event tracking (UET) is the next generation of analytics to track campaign performance and optimize campaigns. Universal event tracking will replace Campaign Analytics.

Getting Reports

Get detailed reports about accounts, campaigns, and ad groups. The information can help you track finances, measure performance, and adjust settings to optimize your budget or campaign.

Researching and Pricing Keywords

Get suggestions for new keywords, estimated bids by ad result position, estimated position by bid, and historical marketplace performance for potential new keywords.

Handling Service Errors and Exceptions

Review suggestions for error handling and troubleshooting your application.

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