ScopeUrl (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the applicable Feature modules and any examples for the ScopeUrl setting in Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8).

This setting contains the URL for the search provider.

Do not create an empty value for this setting.

  1. On a computer, open Internet Explorer.

  2. Open the provider’s web page where you would perform a web search.

  3. Search on the word TEST and note the URL that appears.

  4. Optional: In the address bar, remove any obvious extra characters from the resulting URL. Search again, and repeat, until you have the minimum URL required for searching.

    For example, for"TEST"&language=en, you would remove language=en to become"TEST"

  5. Copy the URL and paste it into Notepad.

  6. Replace TEST with {searchTerms}.

    For example, you would change"TEST" to"{searchTerms}"

  7. Replace any XML-reserved characters: < > " ' & per the following table.

    Replace this character

    With this text











    For example,"{searchTerms}" becomes;{searchTerms}&quot;

  8. Copy the URL and past it into the configuration file or into Image Configuration Editor (ICE).

The following table shows the modules that you can apply this setting to. In Image Configuration Editor (ICE), you can follow the corresponding path to set this setting for a module.



Internet Explorer 10

Features/User Applications/Internet Explorer 10/SearchScopes/Scope/ScopeUrl

The following XML example shows how to configure the ScopeUrl for a search provider.

    <Scope wcm:action="add">