web::http Namespace

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This topic contains information for the C++ REST SDK 1.0 (codename "Casablanca"). If you are using a later version from the Codeplex Casablanca web page, then use the local documentation at http://casablanca.codeplex.com/documentation.

namespace http;




Predefined method strings for the standard HTTP methods mentioned in the HTTP 1.1 specification.





http_exception Class

Represents an HTTP error. This class holds an error message and an optional error code.

http_headers Class

Represents HTTP headers, acts like a map.

http_pipeline Class

http_pipeline_stage Class

HTTP client handler class, used to represent an HTTP pipeline stage.

http_request Class

Represents an HTTP request.

http_response Class

Represents an HTTP response.

methods Class

status_codes Class

Predefined values for all of the standard HTTP 1.1 response status codes.

uri Class

A flexible, protocol independent uri implementation. URI instances are immutable. Querying the various fields on an emtpy uri will return empty strings. Querying various diagnostic members on an empty uri will return false.

uri_builder Class

Builder for constructing URIs incrementally.

uri_exception Class

A single exception type to represent errors in parsing, encoding, and decoding URIs.



bind Function (C++ REST SDK)

Overloaded. Binds an individual reference to a string value.

Header: base_uri.h, http_client.h, http_msg.h, uri_builder.h, uri_parser.h

Namespace: web