Use Windows Virtual PC to create a virtual machine (Compact 2013)


This section walks you through setting up your virtual machine using Windows Virtual PC. Use this procedure if your physical computer runs Windows 7.

  1. Start Windows Virtual PC.
  2. On the menu bar, select Create virtual machine to start the Create a virtual machine wizard.
  3. On the Specify a name and location for this virtual machine page, name your new virtual machine.
  4. On the Specify memory and networking options page, assign 512 MB ram to the new virtual machine, and then select Use computer network connections.
  5. On the Add a virtual hard disk page, select Use an existing virtual hard disk. Navigate to the hd0_sample.vhd file, located in %_WINCEROOT\platform\CEPC\VM (where %_WINCEROOT% is the Compact 2013 installation folder), and then select Create.
Do not install any integration features on the virtual machine.

The virtual machine folder shows the status of your virtual machines, as shown in the following illustration. Use the menu bar in the virtual machine folder to manage your virtual machine.

Windows Virtual PC virtual machine folder
  • To open the virtual machine folder, go to Start>All Programs>Windows Virtual PC>Manage.
  • To start a virtual machine, select the virtual machine, and go to Open>Windows Virtual PC.
  • To change the settings of a virtual machine, select the machine and go to Settings.

You can also manage your virtual machine from the virtual machine window, as shown in the following illustration.

Windows Virtual PC screen