Billing considerations

If your application has a dependency on HealthVault, there is a fee associated with leveraging the platform. Microsoft charges based on usage, billed quarterly per active record and per medical image study uploaded to HealthVault. The HealthVault business team will provide the appropriate fee schedule after reviewing your application description, intended use case, and your go-to market strategy if applicable. Please note that the connectivity features of all applications require review by the business team and you will want to include this step in your project planning.

In this context, an active record is a record authorized to an application that has been accessed within the billing period.

As part of the go-live process, the business team determines whether a set of applications constitutes a logical application. For instance, a partner may develop different applications that provide the same service, such as a mobile version and a desktop version, and these would likely be considered one logical application, for billing purposes.

Last modified: December 2012