Resource and content sharing samples

Lync 2013

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Learn about the resource sharing and content sharing quick-start samples that are installed with Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK.

Last modified: January 14, 2013

Applies to: Lync 2013 | Lync Server 2013

The following sample application demonstrates how to share resources in a conversation and then manage user’s control of a shared resource.




Demonstrates all of the Lync 2013 API objects used in resource sharing.

The following sample application demonstrates how to share whiteboards, PowerPoint slide decks, and native file attachments in a conversation.




Shows how to create a conversation and then share a whiteboard and a PowerPoint slide deck. If a PowerPoint slide deck is shared, the sample lets a user scroll forward and backward in the slide deck. The sample uses the following classes, methods, and enumerations:

WPF sample location: %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft Office 2013\LyncSDK\Samples\\ContentSharingModality