What you can do with Lync contact lists

Lync 2013

Learn about the core Lync contact list programming tasks you can do with the Microsoft Lync 2013 API, including searching for new contacts and distribution groups, adding and removing contacts from the user’s list, adding and removing custom groups, and displaying custom views of a user’s contact list.

Last modified: July 01, 2013

Applies to: Lync 2013 | Lync Server 2013

The topics in this section show how to programmatically update a user’s contact list or create a custom view of a contact list in an application.

The scope of programming that can be performed with the API types in this section ranges from calling methods in your code that change the contents of the content list in the Lync 2013 client, to building your own UI list and using the API to provide and update the UI list content. If you want to add a Lync 2013 contact list to your WPF or Silverlight window without writing any code, see How to: Display a customized list of team contacts in Lync SDK.

Figure 1 shows a simple view of a contact list in a Windows Forms application. A user chooses a contact group from the drop-down list and then the contacts in that group are displayed in the list. Actual contact names are replaced by random strings for the purposes of this example.

Figure 1. Custom contact list built with the Lync client API

A custom contact list created with the Lync API