What you can do in Lync SDK

Lync 2013

Learn what you can do with Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK, including changing sign-in connection settings, signing in to and out of Lync 2013, publishing enhanced presence, and administering user privacy relationships.

Last modified: July 01, 2013

Applies to: Lync 2013 | Lync Server 2013

The Microsoft.Lync.Model.LyncClient class represents the SIP endpoint that can accept a set of user credentials and sign in to Microsoft Lync Server 2013. In addition, LyncClient can publish the signed-in user’s presence. Finally, LyncClient is the entry point for all further API functionality except for conversation automation. You access additional Lync 2013 API features by getting specialized feature manager class objects from properties of LyncClient. For example, you get a specialized contact manager by reading the Client.ContactManager property to get the Microsoft.Lync.Model.ContactManager object.