File System Driver Manager Error Handler Support (Compact 2013)


File System Driver Manager (FSDMGR) returns to the caller when a disk I/O failure occurs, regardless of the type of error. Depending on the type of device, this may cause issues. Some errors might be recoverable, but others might require a restart to recover. Having the caller analyze each I/O failure might not address all of the I/O in the system.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 now supports the use of a generic error handler plug-in at the FSDMGR level that can catch the failed disk I/O related operation and return an error value that can be acted upon. The return value that the plug-in provides to the error handler helps determine what action to take when encountering an error.

Add Error Handler Support in FSDMGR

Provides information about adding error handler support in FSDMGR.

Specify an Error Handler for a File System

Provides information about specifying an error handler for a file system.

Error Handler Functions

Provides information about error handler functions.


Provides information about FSDERRINFO.

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