Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR Namespace

.NET Framework 4.5

Public classAuthorizeAttributeApply to Hubs and Hub methods to authorize client connections to Hubs and authorize client invocations of Hub methods.
Public classConnectionConfiguration
Public classConnectionExtensions
Public classCookie
Public classDefaultDependencyResolver
Public classDependencyResolverExtensions
Public classGlobalHostProvides access to default host information.
Public classGroupManagerManages groups for a connection.
Public classHubProvides methods that communicate with SignalR connections that connected to a Hub.
Public classHubConfiguration
Public classHubPipelineExtensions
Public classPersistentConnectionRepresents a connection between client and server.
Public classRequestExtensions

Public structureConnectionMessageA message sent to one or more connections.

Public interfaceIConnectionA communication channel for a PersistentConnection and its connections.
Public interfaceIConnectionGroupManagerManages groups for a connection and allows sending messages to the group.
Public interfaceIDependencyResolver
Public interfaceIGroupManagerManages groups for a connection.
Public interfaceIHubContextProvides access to information about a IHub.
Public interfaceIPersistentConnectionContextProvides access to information about a PersistentConnection .
Public interfaceIRequestRepresents a SignalR request