Troubleshooting Zoom in Internet Explorer Embedded (Compact 7)


This topic describes how to troubleshoot problems that occur in Windows Embedded Compact 7 with the zoom gesture in Internet Explorer Embedded.

In the Internet Explorer Embedded web browser, the zoom gesture is not recognized when pan is enabled (multi-touch).

In order for Internet Explorer Embedded to recognize the zoom gesture when pan is enabled (multi-touch), you must make a change to the registry on the device. Set the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Gesture\GestureCapabilities to the value 0x00000f12.

The default value for this key is 0x00000f10. With the default value, multi-touch is not recognized in Internet Explorer Embedded, although it may be working elsewhere in Windows Embedded Compact 7. This registry key is a bitmap, and the difference between the key values 0x00000f10 and 0x00000f12 is in the second bit. This bit is used to indicate support for the zoom gesture capability, GESTURE_CAPABILITIES_ZOOM. When the pan gesture is enabled, and if the pan is a multi-finger pan, pinch and stretch zooming can be triggered. This is how multi-touch gestures are used in the browser.