Troubleshooting the Display of Japanese Characters (Compact 7)


This topic describes how to troubleshoot problems that occur with the display of Japanese characters.

When you include support for a Japanese font in your OS image, the characters may not display correctly in your OS.

Scripts that have complex character sets, and scripts in which characters are not displayed linearly from left to right, require Unicode Script Processor for Complex Scripts (Uniscribe) technology to provide correct text handling and layout. The following table lists the Japanese fonts that require Uniscribe technology to display correctly, but for which Uniscribe support is not automatically included in your OS image.

Catalog item Sysgen variable Description

Meiryo & Meiryo UI


Provides Meiryo sans serif font for Japanese script.

Meiryo Bold & Meiryo UI Bold


Provides bold Meiryo sans serif font for Japanese script.

MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic


Provides Microsoft Gothic, proportional Gothic (PGothic), and UI Gothic sans serif fonts for Japanese script.

MS Mincho & MS PMincho


Provides Microsoft Mincho and proportional Mincho (PMincho) serif font set.

To fix the problem, add SYSGEN_UNISCRIBE to your OS design by following the instructions provided here.

  1. In Platform Builder, in Catalog Items View, expand Core OS, and then expand Windows Embedded Compact.

  2. Expand International, expand Language, and then expand Japanese.

  3. Select Unicode Script Processor for Complex Scripts.

  4. Save your changes and rebuild the OS image.