System Center

Updated: August 2, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 Service Provider Foundation, System Center Technical Preview

You can use the Subscription application programming interface (API) to read existing subscriptions. The Subscription API also provides access to the Events API, as described in the Events topic.

The service Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for subscriptions is:


The following table describes the available HTTP operations.

HTTP Operation



When you use an HTTP GET operation, all subscriptions are returned. The subscriptions are serialized into a collection of SubscriptionResource objects.


If you use an HTTP GET operation on the service URI for subscriptions with a subscription identifier that is appended to the URI, the one specific subscription is returned as a SubscriptionResource object. For example, to return the subscription whose identifier is 2B666269-BB82-4641-9D1B-532E7ED4D7A2, the service URI is “https://server:port/SC2012/Provider/subscriptions/2B666269-BB82-4641-9D1B-532E7ED4D7A2/”.