This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Create an HTML Client Screen

Create a screen to display or collect information on a mobile device.

To create a screen

  1. In Solution Explorer, choose the HTML Client project node.

  2. On the menu bar, choose Project, Add Screen.

    The Add New Screen dialog box appears.

  3. Under Select a screen template, choose the type of screen that you want to create.

    For more information, see Choosing a Screen Type for an HTML Client of a LightSwitch App.

  4. In the Screen Name text box, name the screen.

  5. In the Screen Data list, choose the entity or query that will specify what data appears on the screen.

  6. If the Additional Data to Include section appears, select the check boxes for any related data that you want to display on the screen.


    The Additional Data to Include section appears only if you’re creating a View Details Screen or a Add/Edit Details Screen screen.

    This section lists entities or tables that relate to the data that you specified in the previous step. If you selected the check box for a query in the previous step, this section lists entities or tables that relate to the source data of the query that you selected. For more information about related data, see How to: Define Data Relationships in LightSwitch.

  7. Choose the OK button to close the Add New Screen dialog box.

    Your new screen appears in the screen designer.