Restrict access to admins


Updated: June 3, 2015

The current user is considered to be an administrator when the incoming request includes the master key.


The master key is an important security credential that is used only by a service administrator. Do not share this secret with anyone, distribute it with your app, or send it over an unencrypted connection.

The following JavaScript backend code detects if the user is an administrator and only allows administrators to delete entries; records deleted by non-administrators are marked as inactive.

function del(id, user, request) {
    if (user.level === 'admin') {
    } else {
        // The user is not an administrator so mark the 
        // record as inactive instead of deleting it
        var order = {
            id: id,
            hidden: true
        var orderTable = tables.getTable('orders');
        orderTable.update(order, {
            success: function() {

For more information, see the Mobile Services script reference