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Delete record operation

Updated: February 27, 2015

Deletes an item from a table.

The request may be specified as follows. Replace <service_name> with your mobile service name, <table_name> with the name of the table to access, and <item_id> with the ID of the item to be deleted.


HTTP Verb Request URI HTTP Version





URI Parameter Required Description



When a value of true is supplied, the execution of registered scripts is suppressed. To suppress script execution, you must also supply the service master key in the X-ZUMO-MASTER header.

The following table describes the request headers.


Request Header Required  



The application key of the mobile service. You must specify a valid application key when required to access the table operation. This is the default table operation access permission.



The service-generated authentication token for an authenticated user. You must specify a token for an authenticated user when required to access the table operation.



The service master key. You should only include this key when administrator access is required to access the table operation.

securitySecurity Note
The service master key is a critical security credential that provides administrator access to your data service. Do not share this secret with anyone or distribute it with your app. This key must always be securely distributed over an encrypted channel.

The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

A successfully operation returns status code 204 (No Content).

The response for this operation includes the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers. All standard headers conform to the HTTP/1.1 protocol specification.


Response Header Description


Header set to application/json.


Indicates which version of the runtime executed the request.

Authorization depends on the access permission requirements for the table operation, which are summarized as follows:


Table operation access permission Required authorization header



Anybody with the application key


Only Authenticated Users


Only Scripts and Admins


Access permissions for individual table operations are set in the Windows Azure Management Portal. For more information, see Permissions.

The following example URI deletes an existing item from the TodoItem table.

DELETE https://todolist.azure-mobile.net/tables/TodoItem/18

The request is sent with the following headers.

Host: todolist.azure-mobile.net

After the request has been sent, the following response is returned.

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Content-Type: application/json
x-zumo-version: Zumo.Main.
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:05:50 GMT

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