Browser Limitations with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint Client

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client supports several browsers. There are some Microsoft Dynamics NAV features that are not supported by all browsers.

For a list of the supported browsers and versions, see System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Feature Limitations

The following table describes the feature limitations and known issues with the supported browsers.

Feature Description Browser Remarks

Opening a report as PDF with pop-up blocker on

When pop-up blocker is enabled, if you choose the Open as PDF button on a report request page, then the report will not open because it will be blocked.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

To open the report as a PDF file, you must disable pop-up blocker or configure pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups SharePoint sites.

Previewing a report preview

The Preview button does not appear on the request pages of reports.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Printing a report from the report preview

If you try to print a report from the report preview, then you will get a script error message.

Internet Explorer 10

This is only relevant when Internet Explorer 10 is in the Windows 8-style UI mode, because Windows 8-style UI does not support plugins.

To print a report, open the report as a PDF, and then print the report from the PDF viewer.

Switching among ribbon tabs.

You cannot switch from one tab to another tab in the ribbon. When you choose another tab, you remain on the current tab.

Google Chrome

This is only relevant when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework is installed on SharePoint Server 2010. This is not a limitation when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework is installed on SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Tooltips for error messages and icons on pages

Tooltips do not appear when you pause on an error message or an icon on a page with the pointer.

Internet Explorer 10

This is relevant only with tablets that run Windows 8.

To see the tooltip, you must tap the message or icon.

Automatic sizing of FactBoxes

When a Microsoft Dynamics NAV page that has a FactBox is displayed in a Web Part on SharePoint, the FactBox width is too narrow to display the main content.

Google Chrome

To avoid this issue, specify a width for the Web Part.

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