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The LocalizedStringsType complex type specifies localized information about classification rules for both entity-based and affinity-based rules.<25>

 <xs:complexType name="LocalizedStringsType">
     <xs:element name="Resource" type="mce:ResourceType" maxOccurs="unbounded">
       <xs:key name="UniqueLangCodeUsedInNamePerResource">
         <xs:selector xpath="mce:Name"/>
         <xs:field xpath="@langcode"/>
       <xs:key name="UniqueLangCodeUsedInDescriptionPerResource">
         <xs:selector xpath="mce:Description"/>
         <xs:field xpath="@langcode"/>

The following table lists the child elements of the LocalizedStringsType complex type.





mce:ResourceType (section

Specifies localized information about entity-based and affinity-based based classification rules. Only one Resource element per unique entity or affinity MUST exist, and the language code used in the Name and Description elements of the ResourceType complex type MUST be unique per Resource element.

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