How to: Build Multiple Configurations Simultaneously


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You can build most types of projects with multiple, or even all, of their build configurations at the same time by using the Batch Build dialog box. However, you can't build the following types of projects in multiple build configurations at the same time:

  1. Windows 8.x Store apps built for Windows using JavaScript.

  2. All Visual Basic projects.

For more information about build configurations, see Understanding Build Configurations.

To build a project in multiple build configurations

  1. On the menu bar, choose Build, Batch Build.

  2. In the Build column, select the check boxes for the configurations in which you want to build a project.

    System_CAPS_ICON_tip.jpg Tip

    To edit or create a build configuration for a solution, choose Build, Configuration Manager on the menu bar to open the Configuration Manager dialog box. After you have edited a build configuration for a solution, choose the Rebuild button in the Batch Build dialog box to update all build configurations for the projects in the solution.

  3. Choose the Build or Rebuild buttons to build the project with the configurations that you specified.

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