BundleResolver Class

Represents a class that determine if a script reference is a bundle, and what it contains to prevent duplicate script references.


Namespace:  System.Web.Optimization
Assembly:  System.Web.Optimization (in System.Web.Optimization.dll)

public class BundleResolver : IBundleResolver

The BundleResolver type exposes the following members.

Public methodBundleResolver()Initializes a new instance of the BundleResolver class.
Public methodBundleResolver(BundleCollection)Initializes a new instance of the BundleResolver class with the specified bundle.
Public methodBundleResolver(BundleCollection, HttpContextBase)Initializes a new instance of the BundleResolver class with the specified bundle and context.

Public propertyStatic memberCurrentGets or sets the ScriptManager that reflects against Current.

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Public methodGetBundleContentsReturns an enumeration of actual file paths to the contents of the bundle.
Public methodGetBundleUrlGets the versioned url for the bundle or returns the virtualPath unchanged if it does not point to a bundle.
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Public methodIsBundleVirtualPathDetermines if the virtualPath is to a bundle.
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