Windows ADK Documentation Changes

Updated: April 15, 2013

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows Server 2012

This topic describes the significant changes to the Windows ADK since June 2012.


Topic Date updated Description

Windows 8 Upgrade Paths

April 2013

Added information about upgrading from Windows 8 Pro (retail) edition to Windows 8 Volume License edition.

How to Capture an Image for Deployment (Generalize)

October 2012

Added information about sysprep /generalize failures after you update Windows Store apps by using the Windows Store.

How to Add a Hardware Recovery Button to Start Windows RE

August 2012

New instructions for configuring a hardware recovery button (or button combination) to run a secondary boot path that contains Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).

How to Add Language Interface Packs

August 2012

New instructions for installing Language Interface Packs (.mlc files) to Online Windows installations and Offline Windows images.

Settings for Automating OOBE

August 2012

Added entries for ProtectYourPC and NetworkLocation. These settings are required for automating OOBE.

How to Customize the Start Screen

August 2012

Includes expanded procedures for the ways that you can customize the Windows 8 Start screen.

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