We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Upgrade Team Foundation Server

Use this guide to upgrade to the latest release of Team Foundation Server 2013.

You’ll find step-by-step guidance here that covers the most popular upgrade tasks, including in-place upgrades and upgrades that involve moving to new hardware and direction on what to do with SharePoint, whether it’s running on the same server as TFS or somewhere else. We’ll also walk through upgrade of a build machine, as well as adding new features to your upgraded team projects.

  1. Review upgrade requirements

  2. Upgrade TFS application-tier server

  3. Setup a new build server

  4. Add new features to your team projects

First, read the TFS upgrade requirements. New for this release, SQL Server and SharePoint requirements have changed. Some versions of SharePoint that were previously supported are no longer supported, so you might have to upgrade your SharePoint Farm to continuing using it with TFS.

Next, choose a server upgrade path.

The steps are different based on whether you’re using a basic TFS installation (or Express), or if you’re planning to use the same hardware (standard upgrade) or moving to a new machine (advanced upgrade). Select from one of the paths below:

TFS server upgrade choices

After you upgrade the application tier, you might want to install the new build service. At the bottom of the build service installation topic, you’ll find some tips on dealing with the build service and upgrade.

Set up Team Foundation Build Service

install build machine for upgrade

You can also use a wizard to add new features to your team projects.

Configure features after a TFS upgrade

Add new features to your team projects

A: You don’t have to check in changes to TFVC files or push changes to Git files. After you’ve completed the upgrade, your team members can connect to the upgraded server and continue working.

If you’re concerned about backing up changes on a local dev machine during the upgrade process, you can:

  • TFVC icon TFVC: Shelve your changes.

  • Git icon Git: Copy or push your repo to a backup location on an alternate machine or storage device.