Software input panel versus software keyboard


Clients - Windows 8


In previous versions of Windows, Software Keyboard is used to input characters without a physical keyboard. Soft Input Panel (SIP) is designed to improve the input experience on Windows 8 touch devices. The East Asian SIP sends the character codes instead of sending v-key events, which is different from how the Software Keyboard behaves. If the application or the website handles the key events only, it may not work as expected.


If the application is completely based on v_Key events, users will not be able to perform the operation on the application. There are some sites where v_Key events are used in their JavaScript code to get the input text before users send them. For instance, when users input the postal code, the site can display the address. In cases where the site cannot show the address candidate, users might be able to input the address themselves.


Users can use the standard layout instead of optimized layout. The other option is to use English SIP.


Developers can change the application to handle character codes instead of v_Key events. Websites that use the JavaScript event handlers onKeyUp() and onKeyDown() can use oninput() instead. The alternative option is to disable TSF.



Build date: 9/19/2013

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