Remote Registry Editor (Compact 7)


The Windows Embedded Compact 7 Remote Registry Editor is installed with the Remote Tools Framework. You use it to remotely modify the registry on a Windows Embedded Compact powered device from your development computer. By using the Remote Registry Editor, you can add, delete, and copy registry keys. You can also add, delete, modify and rename the values for registry entries, and export, import, search, or monitor the full registry. In the Remote Tools Shell window, the Registry Editor displays the top-level registry trees for the device to which the tool is connected.

You use the Registry Editor after you download an OS image to your device. You use the Registry Editor to modify the registry on the device, but the changes only persist during the active session with the device. When you next download the OS image to the device, you will need to have either rebuilt the OS image with any desired registry values incorporated or edit the registry again. 

The following table shows some examples of the registry trees that Registry Editor might display for a device.

Registry tree Description


Associates files with applications.


Contains information about the user who logs on to a device.


Contains information about settings for a device.