New XML Error Messages for Windows 8


The following table lists the XML error codes and their descriptions for the XML DOM on Windows 8.

Value nameValueDescription
INDEX_SIZE_ERR0xC00CF001Returned if index or size is negative, or greater than the allowed value.
DOMSTRING_SIZE_ERR0xC00CF002Returned if the specified range of text does not fit into a DOMString.
HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR0xC00CF003Returned if a node is inserted in a location where it does not belong.
WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR0xC00CF004Returned if a node is used in a different document than the one where it was created.
INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR0xC00CF005Returned if an invalid or illegal character is specified.
NO_DATA_ALLOWED_ERR0xC00CF006Returned if data is specified for a node which does not support data.
NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR0xC00CF007Returned if an attempt is made to modify an object where modifications are not allowed.
NOT_FOUND_ERR0xC00CF008Returned if an attempt is made to reference a node in a context where it does not exist.
NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR0xC00CF009Returned if the implementation does not support the requested type of object or operation.
INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR0xC00CF00AReturned if an attempt is made to add an attribute that is already in use elsewhere.
INVALID_STATE_ERR0xC00CF00BReturned if an attempt is made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable.
SYNTAX_ERR0xC00CF00CReturned if an invalid or illegal string is specified.
INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR0xC00CF00DReturned if an attempt is made to modify the type of the underlying object.
NAMESPACE_ERR0xC00CF00EReturned if an attempt is made to create or change an object in a way which is incorrect with regard to namespaces.
INVALID_ACCESS_ERR0xC00CF00FReturned if a parameter or an operation is not supported by the underlying object

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