ACC Create or Edit an Application Directory Page


You can reach create and edit application directory page by clicking on Create a new application directory link and by just clicking on Directory ID in the Home tab respectively. Here you can configure general information for your directory.

This will help you to create a directory entry to those applications which you have administrative access or listed when you login to HealthVault Application Configuration Center (ACC).

Last updated: November 2012

Application name: Required. From the drop down you can choose for which application you want to create directory. This option is viewable when you create your HealthVault Application Directory listing by clicking on the Create a new application directory in the Home tab.

Directory name: Required. The directory name which is displayed in the directory listing for your application.

Company name: Required. You can mention your company name here.

Company url: Required. You can mention your company URL here.

Company logo: Required. You can upload your company logo here and its dimensions cannot be greater than 150×150 pixels.

Company logo alternate text: Required. Alternate text associated with company logo.

Short description: Required and can't be greater than 1024 characters.

Long description: Optional and can't be greater than 4096 characters.

Categories: activities and conditions – Required and a directory needs to have at least one category. You can choose the different types of activities and conditions that your application belongs to and this will allow your application to be sorted based on the type in HealthVault application directory listing page.

Application Types: Optional.

  • Consumer: The Consumer Web Application Directory is for applications where consumers can immediately start using the application. It's okay for your application to require a subscription fee. Applications that require the consumer to live in a certain region or to be a patient of a certain doctor are not listed here.

  • Industry: Any application may be listed on the Industry page.

Try Now url: Optional. URL for more information about the application.

Facebook like url: Optional. URL of the Facebook like button for the application or device.

Windows App URL: Optional. The download URL for the Windows version of the application.

Windows Phone App URL: Optional. The download URL for the Windows Phone version of the application.

iPhone/iPad App URL: Optional. The download URL for the iPhone and iPad version of the application.

Android App URL: Optional. The download URL for the Android version of the application.

Privacy statement url: Optional. URL for the privacy statement for the application.

Terms of use url: Optional. URL for the terms of use statement for the application.

Connection Description: Optional. Description of the application and its connection process.

Screenshots: Optional. You can upload your application screen captures here and it can take up to 3 screenshots maximum.

  • Sequence – Application screen captures are displayed based on the sequence number.

  • Alternate text – Alternate text associated with the company logo.

  • Caption – You can set the caption for each screen captures here.

  • Image – For better viewing experience the recommended image size is 149 × 100 pixels, even though it can support uploading images up to 150 × 150.

Extension items: Optional. You can keep any extra data in name-value pair format.

  • Name – Name of the extension item.

  • Value – Value of the extension item.