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Applies to: Access apps for SharePoint | apps for Office | Excel | Office Add-ins | Outlook | PowerPoint | Project | Word

Great code samples are key to getting up and running quickly. To find samples, go to GitHub or the MSDN Code Gallery. You can download all the samples at once as a sample pack, or browse and download individual samples.

You can find a list of samples on

If you don't see a sample that you are looking for, take advantage of our community feature to request a code sample.

Tip Tip

If you use the Napa Office 365 Development Tools to create Office Add-ins, you can share the code and pages in your Napa project with someone else by using the Share Project feature. To share an add-in project, load the project in Napa and then choose the Share Project button on the side of the page. The Share Project feature creates a copy of the add-in project and provides you with a public link. Others can use the public link to view a copy of the add-in project.