IoSetMasterIrpStatus routine

The IoSetMasterIrpStatus routine conditionally replaces the Status value in an IRP with the specified NTSTATUS value.


VOID IoSetMasterIrpStatus(
  _Inout_ PIRP     MasterIrp,
  _In_    NTSTATUS Status


MasterIrp [in, out]

A pointer to the master IRP. For more information, see Remarks.

Status [in]

An NTSTATUS value to compare to the Status member of the I/O status block in the master IRP.

Return value



On receipt of an IRP, a driver can create two or more subordinate IRPs to perform the work requested by the original (or master) IRP. When the subordinate IRPs complete, the driver gathers the completion status codes from the subordinate IRPs and merges them to form a single completion status code for the master IRP.

IoSetMasterIrpStatus implements a uniform policy for merging the status codes from multiple subordinate IRPs into a status code for a master IRP. For example, if a master IRP is split into two subordinate IRPs, and one of these subordinate IRPs succeeds and the other fails, the status code from the failing IRP is used as the status code for the master IRP. However, if both subordinate IRPs fail, the more severe failure code is used as the status for the master IRP.

Before the first call to IoSetMasterIrpStatus, the driver sets the IoStatus.Status member in the master IRP to STATUS_SUCCESS (or to STATUS_FT_READ_FROM_COPY in case it is expected). Next, as each subordinate IRP completes, the driver calls IoSetMasterIrpStatus to merge the status code from this IRP with the status code in the master IRP. In this call, the PIRP parameter points to the master IRP, and the Status parameter is set to the value of the IoStatus.Status member in the subordinate IRP.

As a general rule, IoSetMasterIrpStatus replaces the status code in PIRP->IoStatus.Status with the Status value in the following cases:

  • The status value in *PIRP is STATUS_SUCCESS, and Status is an error code.
  • The status value in *PIRP is an error code, but Status is a more severe error code.

There are two exceptions to the general rule. A Status value of STATUS_VERIFY_REQUIRED always replaces the status value in *PIRP. A Status value of STATUS_FT_READ_FROM_COPY never replaces the status value in *PIRP.


Target platform



Available starting with Windows 8.


Ntddk.h (include Ntddk.h or Ntifs.h)






Any level.

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