Exception Tracking

Exception Tracking

Exception Tracking is a method for automatically detecting and responding to exceptions in the target application as they occur. Dotfuscator and Analytics injects code that can detect caught, thrown, or unhandled exceptions. Once detected, the exception tracking code can collect details from the user and report the detected exception to the analytics endpoint. A user can explicitly allow an exception report to be sent even if he or she has previously opted out of sending analytics messages, and can provide comment and contact information to be sent along with the report. In addition, the developer can specify a custom action be taken when an exception is detected.

To facilitate the common use case of unhandled exception reporting, Dotfuscator and Analytics can inject a pre-made Exception Report Dialog which provides a consistent user experience for reporting exceptions. Minimal configuration is needed to instruct Dotfuscator and Analytics to track unhandled exceptions, display the exception report dialog which will obtain explicit user consent and collect optional comment and contact information from the user, and send the report to the configured analytics endpoint.

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