Application Development (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides APIs, applications, and services for building applications that run on a device. The developer guides contained in this section show you how to use some of the application development features.

Create a Project for a Windows Embedded Compact Application

Describes the two workflows (using Platform Builder or not using it) that exist for creating an application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that runs on Windows Embedded Compact.

Silverlight for Windows Embedded Application Development

Describes how to develop applications using XAML and the native C++ implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Embedded.

Window Compositor Developer's Guide

Describes how to configure and manage the way that multiple application windows display their output on a single device screen. For example, you can configure overlapping application windows to be fully or partially transparent.


Describes the multimedia features in Compact 7, such as DirectShow, Media Player, and so on.

Touch and Gesture

Describes touch driver architecture, gesture architecture, and how to program an application to handle gestures.

Application Deployment

Describes how to deploy applications using CAB files or Security Loader.