Build with Platform Builder

Build with Platform Builder (Compact 2013)


Using your Windows Embedded Compact 2013 OS design, you can build an OS run-time image using a graphical user interface. Platform Builder and Visual Studio 2013/Visual Studio 2015 make up an integrated development environment (IDE) where you can develop, build, download, and debug an embedded device.

This section provides an overview of the build options and customizations for your OS design.

When you build an OS design using the IDE, Platform Builder links and copies all necessary OS components, builds the platform, builds subprojects, copies files to the release directory, and makes the OS run-time image.

Platform Builder gives you several options for customizing the build process with time-saving functionality such as targeted building, release directory modules, alternate release directories, batch building, and scripting. By using the various OS design configuration property pages, you gain control over configuration settings that affect your build.

The scope of this section is limited to building OS designs using the Platform Builder IDE. For a description of the programs and files that compile and link code and produce an image for your device, see How the Build System Works. That section provides the basis for understanding the material in this one.

Build an OS Design

Describes how to build your new OS run-time image.

Customize Your Build

Describes the design and build options for your OS design.

Add Release Directory Modules

Describes how to designate code files as release directory modules to save development time.

Add Alternate Release Directories

Describes how to specify alternate release directories in addition to the primary one.

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