Tools (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact provides tools for building, testing, tuning, and debugging a device. The developer guides contained in this section show you how to use the tools to perform in design and debugging tasks.

Tools by Category

Contains a list of tools for Windows Embedded Compact 7, categorized by task.

Virtual CEPC

Describes virtual CEPC, a tool that provides an environment for running and testing operating systems or applications.

Compact Test Kit Overview

Describes the CTK tools you use to test the functionality and performance of device drivers and related hardware for a Windows Embedded Compact powered device.

DevHealth Memory Use Tool

Describes DevHealth, a memory reporting tool that you run on a Windows Embedded Compact powered device.

Remote Tool Connectivity

Describes how to connect to remote tools in Windows Embedded Compact to tune, debug, and gather information from a device.

Remote Registry Editor

Describes the Remote Registry Editor, a tool that remotely modifies the registry on a Windows Embedded Compact powered device from a development computer.