Tuning the Build Process (Compact 2013)


Building a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 OS design can be complex and time-consuming. This section provides techniques that are intended to reduce your build overhead and make your design testable as quickly as possible.

The intended audience for this section is the experienced Windows Embedded Compact developer. It is assumed that you are familiar with the information in How the Build System Works, which explains the build process in detail.

This section uses the $(VARIABLE) syntax to indicate environment variables. File paths implicitly start with $(_WINCEROOT), which is the installation path of the shared source code for Compact 2013.

Select the Appropriate Build Command

Describes how to select the appropriate build command to avoid stale binaries and prevent rebuilding of unmodified code.

Create Targeted Builds

Describes how targeted builds can help reduce your build times.

Use Custom Makefile Rules

Describes how to use custom makefile rules to carry out tasks that sources macros cannot.

Filter BSP dirs, .bib, and .reg Files

Describes how to filter dirs, .bib, and .reg files to ensure that your board support package (BSP) works, regardless of Sysgen or catalog items.

Use Release Directory Modules

Describes how to speed up development by having Windows Embedded Compact load modules directly from the release directory instead of from the OS image.