t:OccurrencesRangeType Complex Type

The OccurrencesRangeType complex type specifies a range of occurrences.<95>

 <xs:complexType name="OccurrencesRangeType">
     <xs:attribute name="Start" type="xs:dateTime" use="optional"/>
     <xs:attribute name="End" type="xs:dateTime" use="optional"/>
     <xs:attribute name="Count" type="xs:int" use="optional"/>
     <xs:attribute name="CompareOriginalStartTime" type="xs:boolean" use="optional"/>

Start: An attribute of type dateTime, as defined in [XMLSCHEMA2] section 3.2.7, that represents the start of the range.

End: An attribute of type dateTime that represents the end of the range.

Count: An attribute of type integer, as defined in [XMLSCHEMA2] section 3.3.13, that represents the number of occurrences. The default value is 1.

CompareOriginalStartTime: An attribute of type boolean, as defined in [XMLSCHEMA2] section 3.2.2, that indicates whether to compare the specified ranges to either an original start time or a pair of start and end values. The default value of the CompareOriginalStartTime attribute is "false".