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scale() function

Specifies a 2-D scale operation by the [sx,sy] scaling vector described by the two parameters.

CSS Transforms Module, Level 3, Section 13.1




( <scaling-value-x> [ , <scaling-value-y> ])



Numerical value by which to scale the specified element in the x-direction.


Optional. Numerical value by which to scale the specified element in the y-direction.

Standards information


If the second parameter is not provided, it is takes a value equal to the first.

The function scale(1, 1) leaves the element unchanged, while scale(2, 2) causes it to appear twice as long in both the x- and y-axes, or four times its original size.


The following code snippet is an example of the scale function in use. When applied to a square blue div element, it has the effect illustrated in the image. (The light-blue square indicates the original position of the transformed element.)

div {    
  transform: scale(1.65, 0.6);

A square blue div with white text, after having the following transform function applied to it: transform: scale(1.65, 0.6);


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