Create a mobile service


Updated: June 16, 2015

You create a new mobile service by clicking the +New button and then clicking Mobile Service.

Consider the following when you create a new mobile service instance:

  • You must choose a backend platform when you create your mobile service, either JavaScript or .NET. Once created, the backend cannot be changed. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services tries to maintain functional parity between backend platforms, as much as possible. Because of this, you should choose a backend that fits best with the development and maintenance requirements of your app.

  • When you create a new mobile service, you must supply a name for the instance. The name can be 2 - 60 characters in length and must be globally unique within Mobile Services. Remember to check the availability of your desired name.

  • Mobile Services requires a Microsoft Azure SQL Database instance for storing app data. You can either use an existing database or have Mobile Services create a new database instance. When you use an existing database from your Azure subscription, you must provide the login name and password for the SQL Database server.

    Tip: Reusing an existing database saves the cost of adding a new database instance to your subscription. For information about the cost of adding a new database, see the Azure Pricing Calculator.

    The database instance used by the mobile service is billed separately from the Mobile Services subscription. You can manage this database as you would any other SQL Database instance.

  • Mobile Services does not currently use affinity groups, so you must use a region. From Region, select an available region.