filter property

The IHTMLCSSStyleDeclaration::filter property is generally used to apply a previously define filter to an applicable element.

This property is read/write.

Internet Explorer 10



HRESULT put_filter(
  [in]  DOMString val

HRESULT get_filter(
  [out] DOMString **ptr

Property values

Type: DOMString

Generally used to apply a previously defined filter to an element invoking the IHTMLCSSStyleDeclaration::filter property.


A functional IRI reference, such as filter:url(#Gaussian_Blur)", to a filter element which defines the filter effects to be applied to the applicable element.


Do not apply any filter effects to this element (default value).


Indicates that the property takes the same computed value as the property for the element's parent.



Filter elements are never rendered directly; their only usage is as something that can be referenced using the IHTMLCSSStyleDeclaration::filter property. Be aware that filter elements are available for referencing even when the IHTMLCSSStyleDeclaration::display property on the filter element or any of its ancestors is set to none.

In the following example, a previously defined Gaussian_Blur filter (that is, filter:url(#Gaussian_Blur)"/>) is being applied to an SVG ellipse:

<ellipse cx="200" cy="150" rx="70" ry="40"
         style="fill:#ff0000; stroke:#000000;
         stroke-width:2; filter:url(#Gaussian_Blur)"/>

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