This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reset a property to its default value

Visual Studio 2012

Resetting a property to its default value is useful if you want to use the default value of the object type. For example, if you convert a canvas panel to a grid panel, you might want to reset the Layout properties to the defaults that are used by a grid. Using default values reduces the size of your XAML files because default properties do not have to be specified as XAML attributes.

To reset a property

  1. In the Properties panel, locate the property that you want to reset.

  2. Next to the property, click Advanced options 12e06962-5d8a-480d-a837-e06b84c545bb. The color of the marker depends on what the property was set to. For example, a yellow marker e3343378-f63e-4d8f-9847-97c1a58aadc5 means that the property was data bound.

  3. On the shortcut menu that appears, click Reset.

    The value field is updated to show you the default property value.