The TGroupingBehavior simple type enumerates the options that are available for building queries in a hierarchy.

The TGroupingBehavior simple type is defined in the schema as follows.

  <xs:simpleType name="TGroupingBehavior" >
   <xs:restriction base="xs:string" >
    <xs:enumeration value="GroupOnValue" />
    <xs:enumeration value="GroupOnEntityKey" />

The possible values for the TGroupingBehavior simple type are specified in the following table.




Group by value.


Group by entity key.

The meaning of these two values can be illustrated by considering a query to show the total payroll deductions for an employee named "Brian Smith" in a company that has several employees named "Brian Smith". If the value "GroupOnValue" is used, the result shows the combined total of payroll deductions for all employees named "Brian Smith" that are represented in the database. If the value "GroupOnEntityKey" is used, the result shows the separate payroll deductions for each employee named "Brian Smith" in the database.