2.1.10 TMember

The TMember complex type is a base type. Its attributes can appear in columns, measures, navigation properties, hierarchies, and levels.

The TMember complex type is defined in the schema as follows.

  <xs:complexType name ="TMember" abstract="true">
   <xs:attribute name="Name" type="xs:string" use="required" />
   <xs:attribute name="Caption" type="xs:string" use="optional"/>
   <xs:attribute name="ContextualNameRule" type="bi:TContextualNameRule"
       default="None" />
   <xs:attribute name="Hidden" type="xs:boolean" default="false" />
   <xs:attribute name="ReferenceName" type="xs:string" use="optional" />

The attributes that are defined by the TMember complex type are specified in the following table.




The name given to the member (a column, measure, navigation property, hierarchy, or level) that is defined by the implementation of the TMember type.


The display name for the member.


The naming format that is used to disambiguate members. The contents of this attribute are defined by the TContextualNameRule simple type (section


A boolean value that indicates whether the member will be hidden from the client. If the value of this attribute is "true", the member will be hidden.


The identifier that is used to reference the member in a Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) query. If this attribute is omitted, the field name is used.