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trueSpeed property

Sets or retrieves whether the position of the marquee is calculated using the IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay and IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollAmount properties and the actual time elapsed from the last clock tick.


HRESULT value = object.put_trueSpeed(VARIANT_BOOL v);HRESULT value = object.get_trueSpeed(VARIANT_BOOL* p);

Property values



Default. Marquee computes movement based on 60-millisecond ticks of the clock. This means every IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay value under 60 is ignored, and the marquee advances the amount of IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollAmount each 60 milliseconds. For example, if IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay is 6 and IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollAmount is 10, the marquee advances 10 pixels every 60 milliseconds.


Marquee advances the pixel value of IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollAmount by the number of milliseconds set for IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay. For example, the marquee would advance 10 pixels for every 6 milliseconds if IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay is 6, IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollAmount is 10, and the value of IHTMLMarqueeElement::trueSpeed is true.


The IHTMLMarqueeElement::trueSpeed property indicates that the exact IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay value specified is used to move the marquee text. If IHTMLMarqueeElement::trueSpeed is false, all IHTMLMarqueeElement::scrollDelay values of 59 or less are rounded up to 60 milliseconds.



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